Our debute album will be released shortly: Songs from the Attic

Our album is about to be released! What a journey. Actually we had a lot of delay due to different circumstances. It was all quite an adventure. From writing the songs in our attic, working on them together, watching the songs grow when we took them to other songwriters and musicians, for Jacco to produce the songs, to make appointments with a studio, ending up in another studio that was actually the best thing that could happen to us, to the long mixing and mastering process. And now, exactly nine months after the recording, this baby is born and ready to be released into the world. We call this debute cd ” Songs from the Attic”. Enjoy the teasers, in about four weeks the whole album will be available.


A quick impression of the prelude

A quick impression of Signs&Wonders

A quick impression of Life is Good

A quick impression of Here I Am

A quick impression of Somedays

A quick impression of Look Up

A quick impression of Let Peace Reign