Making music to praise God.


Zamar musiq means in short“ Making music to praise God” , both by playing an instrument and by singing and is founded by Jacco and Nympha Dijs. They have been involved in the area of music for years, both as a married couple and individually.

Jacco and Nympha want their music to be an upbuilding, encouraging experience. They write their lyrics from their heart, about life and things people can identify with. Their music has a bluesy touch, sometomes jazz-like and soul, and is meant to bring joy.

Zamar musiq wants to create and release a powerful, versatile and authentic sound of music. Recently they started to record and release their own music and songs. Their versatility is being expressed through various styles and bandformations, from acoustic and jazzy ballads to blues and pop- and rocksongs.



Coming from a background of blues, rock and jazz Jacco is a versatile allround guitarist who can express himself both on acoustic and electric guitar. After completing his musical education at the Utrechts Conservatorium he got involved in a number of successful Top40 bands and the international worshipband The Recabite Band led by Peter Helms, with whom he made several tours to South Africa, Germany and Switzerland and recorded a number of CD’s.

Since 2002 Jacco also started working as a musicteacher. Together with his wife Nympha he got involved in leading worship in their church in Amsterdam. In 2010 doors opened to several projects and ministries in Holland, England, Mongolia and Nepal. Starting with singing harmonies as a backgrondsinger he has become increasingly active as a singer and as a songwriter.


Being raised in a family filled with classical and church music and drawing and painting it was only logical that Nympha played classical piano from an early age. In stead of pursuing a musical career Nympha studied psychology in Amsterdam. Music continued to play an important part in her life and after marrying Jacco she picked up playing the piano, first with classical pieces and later with popmusic and worship. Later she started to expand her expression with singing, playing tinwhistle and blues. Together with Jacco she got involved in leading worship in their church in Amsterdam. Since 2012 Nympha has also been growing into songwriting. Together with her husband she made five musical missiontrips to Mongolia and Nepal, and several musical trips to Norway, Germany and England.

Besides music Nympha is also active as an artist with a unique style of surrealistic prophetic painting.

Jacco & Nympha

Jacco and Nympha started their musical collaboration in 2004 with leading worship in a church in Amsterdam together with a team of other musicians. They were inspired by Vineyard, Hillsongs, Morning Star, Opwekking, Lindell Cooley and Bethel Music. Since 2010 they started writing their own songs, and they made several musical missiontrips to Mongolia playing and singing at worshipnights, teaching about music and worship, and reaching out to the lost, poor and needy.

During these years they got connected with pastors, churches and ministries in England, Mongolia and Nepal.

Jacco and Nympha have a special talent for worshipnights where they lead people in praise and worship with familiar songs as well as new and spontaneous songs and music with a strong prophetic edge. Their specific style of worship took off at monthly worshipnights in Amsterdam, and developed in Rhenen, Holland and since this year also in their hometown Almere.

At the moment Jacco and Nympha are working on recording their songs in order to release their first album.