Zamar musiq wants to create and release a powerful, versatile and authentic sound.

Zamar musiq started in church, and still serves at differnet churches with pleasure and passion. Zamar musiq is also developing their own songs and releasing them. Their versatility is being expressed through various styles and bandformations, from acoustic and jazzy ballads to blues and pop- and rocksongs.

Worship Breakfast

Our worship breakfast is meant to be a community of people that want to take time together to seek God. We are not a church, we are just an additional helping part of the body of Christ. The Worshipontbijt is a time and a place set apart for God, to seek Him in worship, without interference of fixed programs. It is a time where we first want an encounter with Him, and from there just do what the Holy Spirit says. Therefore these mornings are prophetic (times) as well. There is also room for fellowship during breakfast.

Zamar Sessions

The Zamar Sessions are our Live streams, where we give a summary of the Worship breakfast.  A lot of times spontaneous songs originate, we work them out for the Zamar Sessions, along with singing the Word of God. We want to send an authentic prophetic sound into the world with a relevant message for this time that is recognizable for people and uplifting.

Click the link to see a Zamar Session

For regular music lessons by New Sound Musiq or CWMA: info@cwma.nl/newsoundmusic66@gmail.com. Work area Amsterdam. For students from Almere we have an alternative regulation.


On 10-09-2021 we will have a LIVE Zamar session . Tune in on our Youtube channel Zamar musiq or our Facebook page Zamar musiq.