Big News

This coming friday is a special day. You may know that we have been working on an EP. This summer the recording took place. This was such a good experience! Thanks to the excellent engineer and our son who was playing bas and drums this project ROCKS!! And ofcourse we did well too..;) It was hard work, but we are so glad with the results. We recorded 7 songs and a short instrumental. 2 of those 7 songs are remixes of songs that we released before: Signs and Wonders and Healer. These remixes give a good taste of the whole EP as it is for style and sound. We decided to give you already a glimpse now: 29-01-2021 Signs and Wonders will be released in the new jacket that we put on this song. Signs and Wonders will be on all channels, and also as a video clip on our youtube channel! The beautyfull artwork is done by Joanne Dijs.